Baby leaves of kale, fried wild peach and roasted pistachio

So few ingredients, only 15 minutes of preparation time and such a delightful result! This is the ultimate summer salad with the wild peach playing the main role.

For this (one person) salad you need:

baby leaves of fresh kale

wild peach

handful of roasted pistachios

for the dressing:

olive oil

chili flakes

teaspoon of honey

fresh lime juice of half a lime

Preparation is easy as it gets, place the baby leaves in a dish, pour the dressing over it. Make sure all the leaves are “rubbed” in with the dressing, so the leaves will soften a little.

Meanwhile roast the pistachios in a dry frying pan until they get a slightly brown colour.

Grease the frying pan with some olive oil on paper towel. Cut the peach in particles and fry the flesh on both sides (so not the skin side) until they start turning brown.

Place them on the leaves and enjoy your salad!