It is not about the picture…..

If I would have to describe myself I think the words unconventional, straightforward, honest, stubborn, giving and caring stand out. Some of you would perhaps categorize these words as flaws, in my book they are considered to be virtues. That does not mean however that I feel comfortable with these virtues all the time, of course I suffer from self-criticism and self-doubt just as much as the next person.

You probably wonder why I share this personal information with you? I’ll tell you why.

A while ago several people advised me to open an Instagram account for Everyday Plantpower. At first I refused, I do not particularly like social media, but in the end I was persuaded. I realized that if you want your message (being that plantbased food is the best idea for everyone) get spread widely, you should make use of all means available.

The first few months I only uploaded a picture once every ten days, simply because I forgot about it most of the times. Every time I did post a picture with the text full of #, my sons commented that I made silly mistakes. They complained about the quality of the pictures, the way I wrote etc. I felt really “old and not up to date”. It made me very uncertain about this whole Instagram thing and liked it even less.

Then some people explained that maybe I should take a closer look at other peoples’ Instagram accounts, at their pictures and how they go about it. Also, I needed to like other peoples’ pictures of vegan food so that Everyday Plantpower would be noticed and thus obtain more likes also. Reluctantly I did, all for the good cause of getting people familiar with the greatness of vegan food!

But after two weeks of “liking” others I noticed that my resistance increased rather than diminished! I noticed that 90 % of the pictures of vegan accounts were about making the best picture rather than great food and/or recipes. Now I do not feel that I can compete in any way with those absolutely smashing perfect pictures. I do agree of course that pictures of food need to look beautiful and tempting. In order to do that you need to have perfect light, different settings, background, platters etc.

After I prepare my food, I take pictures with my smartphone, hoping my dinner will not get cold in the meantime and enjoy the dish I prepared. During that “photoshoot” my husband patiently waits for me so we can eat together, so his food risks getting cold as well. You probably get it, that’s not an ideal situation.

So I started to get really frustrated and came to the brink of giving up entirely. I mean just Google the word “vegan” or “plantbased” and you stumble across many many sites, blogs, online recipes in any language you want. Everyday Plantpower is pretty small and maybe even insignificant among all those websites.

But then I thought about why I started Everyday Plantpower in the first place. How I wanted to educate people how easy it is to prepare vegan food. How rewarding it is for your health and as an added bonus for our environment. How delicous plant based food actually is and that you absolutely do not miss out on anything. That being vegan is not about sacrifice but about a wonderful lifestyle!

And then the words unconventional, straightforward, honest, stubborn, giving and caring come up once again. If I want to continue with this it has to be the way I feel comfortable with. I have to stay true to myself and to the true “plantbased” food. If that means that sometimes the picture is not perfect then so be it. At least I will be able to look at myself in the mirror without feeling a “fraud”!

For those of you who have been following me all this time I would like to say:”Thank you” for taking me the way I am.