Culinary plantbased trips to Tel Aviv are ready for you to book!

Israel, land of history, culture, stunning nature, religious sites and the place where three religions come together in that one city, Jerusalem. But also land of sun, sea, beaches, nightclubs and excellent food. Tel Aviv, capital of Israel offers all of this in one! A city by the Mediterranean sea, with its splendid white sandy…

The perfect basic muffin recipe!

After 8 years of vegan baking, exploring the internet for recipes, experimenting, testing (on my kids mostly😆)and adjusting, I finally and wholeheartedly can say that this recipe is PERFECT. The right sweetness, the right texture, the right size, the right crispiness on top. Just absolutely delicious!

Superfood stir-fry recipe and its health benefits!

This dish consists of a stir-fry of kale, mushrooms, peas and leek and is served with ginger-turmeric-black pepper rice. Most of these ingredients are regarded as ‘Superfoods’. But what is it that makes a product a superfood? Below a short explanation and of course at the end the recipe to this delicious dish.

Chocolate cake, a token of love!

At this very day we have another celebration going on in our home, our wedding anniversary! Today 23 years ago my husband and I got married in Carmel by the Sea, California USA. We married at the beach, just the two of us and the wedding officer. I would like to tell you a little bit about my husband, my soulmate and best friend for the past 28 years

Carrot cake, a royal treat!

A soft and moist carrot cake, plantbased whitout loads of sugar. Easy preparation, suitable for any occasion.

Why 2020 is a special year for me.

2020 promised to be a special year.  The year of the European soccer championships, the year of the return of Formula 1 to Dutch soil, the year of the Olympics and so much more. Only midway April we can conclude that indeed 2020 turned out to be a very special year, just not in the way…

About black garlic and what to do with it!

Black garlic is regarded an ingredient for high end-cuisine. But what is it, where can you buy it and how to use it. Read all about it and learn how to prepare a delicious plantbased black pesto with it!

Spiced sweet potato and crispy tofu cubes

Are you stuck at home, bored to death, worried about gaining weight (because you can’t visit the place where you normally exercise) or simply looking for new healthy and super easy recipes during this corona crisis? You’ve come to the right place. Because the recipe I’m sharing with you today is very very easy, very…

Chocolate chip cookies, the ultimate soul food!

Vegan chocolate chip cookies, the ultimate comforting soul food. They contain wholewheat spelt flour and rolled oats so they are healthy as well. Exactly what we need during times of great distress!

Roasted buckwheat, Kasha, with oven roasted mushrooms!

Buckwheat actually is a deceiving name! It suggests being a wheat, which of course it is not. Buckwheat is a grain, instead of a grass, which makes it gluten-free and thus very suitable for people who suffer from gluten-allergy. It is a popular health food due to its high mineral and antioxidant content. It may…

Halva, a Middle-Eastern delicacy

During the preparations of the annual Vakantiebeurs Utrecht (vacation expo with about 20.00 visitors per day ) one of the first things we (Isropa* and Everyday Plantpower) decided on serving our visitors was Halva, a sweet delicacy from the Middle-East. The only problem was the fact that that much Halva would be too great an investment….

Plantbased substitutes for eggs.

More and more people are getting interested in plantbased food. The use of plantbased milk instead of animal dairy increases and there are is a wide variety available in almost any store. The quality of plantbased cheese is getting better and better and there are plenty of meat-substities available ánd in development. Yesterdays news tells…

Sweet potato soup, creamy and full of flavour!

I’ve spent the whole morning in the kitchen, preparing all sorts of things and trying out a few recipes which I found on the internet. One of them being a brownie recipe, which had five stars according to Google and the owner claims it to be the best vegan brownie. With ratings like that I…

Holidays are coming!🎄

Outdoor Christmas decorations √ Indoor Christmas decorations √ Christmas outfit √ Christmas plans √ Snow ……., still time for that Christmas menu …….., working on it Not only Santa is making a list and checking it twice 🎅🏼This is my list of preparations for the most wonderful time of the year and I’m making good…

Mezzalune ravioli with kale, mushrooms and red pesto.

This must be the easiest recipe on my website 😉. After finding red and green vegan pesto, I discovered another new vegan product in my supermarket! Mezzalune (ravioli) filled with chickpeas, lentils and rosemary. Fresh, organic and vegan! Of course I took some home with me and instantly new what I was going to do…

Pasta with roasted Brussels sprouts and green pesto sauce.

One of my followers tipped me about a vegan pesto that is available in one of the leading supermarket-chains in The Netherlands. An Italian company with a great philosophy* called Puro! (see link at the end of the blog). So I bought the red- and the green vegan pesto.  Now I have to confess that…