Pumpkin-Rosemary soup

I am excited because I LOVE PUMPKIN.
This love resulted in a new delicious recipe I conjured up. Pumpkin-Rosemary-Sage soup. A soft, delicate warming soup with a hint of fresh orange, a bit of summer and autumn in one. I guess you could call it a transition soup.

Interview with Dr. Heleen Roex – a physician who fully embraced plantbased food!

Heleen Roex, a paediatrician who migrated from The Netherlands to Australia with her family in 2000.Together with her husband Dr. A. Roex an obstetrician-gynaecologist, they present on health and nutrition backed by sound research, in Australia and the Netherlands, both for the general public as well as in hospitals and medical students.

Which Vegan burger do you prefer, homemade or store bought?

Hi there, remember me? It has been quite some time since my last blog. It has in fact been that long, that maybe I need to re-introduce myself to you….I sure hope not! There are many reasons for not having written for so long (several pressing family issues being one of them). But that does…

5 minute Vegan Mango-Icecream with a hint of Tarragon!

Ok, this must be the easiest way to prepare your own natural flavoured ice-cream without using an ice-creammachine! This ice-cream actually takes no more than 5 minutes of your time. I am telling you, the whipping of the coconut cream takes longer…! Together with the roasted coconut flakes this makes a delicious desert or in-between,…

Traditional Dutch green pea soup, the vegan way!

Today I prepared Vegan Green pea soup, which is called Snert in Dutch. A soup that is served along the iceskating tracks to warm up (when winters are like they should be..), that is served as lunch or even for dinner with a loaf of onion bread for instance.

Spiced up Ful of dried Fava beans, comfort food at its best!

Less well known maybe, but at least as tasty and satisfying, is Ful (which actually means Favabeans) and deserves third place if you ask me! Like Humus it’s creamy, tasty, easy to prepare and it takes only a small portion to get you through until the next meal.

Vegan travels in the land of Milk and Honey!

I travelled to Israel for about 10 days at the end of last October. This time my trip was not only about visiting friends etc., it was also about traveling through “the land of Milk and Honey” as a vegan! Read here all about my vegan experiences and the many plantbased possibilities as a vegan tourist!

Hot and spicy pepperspread!

This spread goes with just about anything and you can use it either hot or cold. It’s great in a pitah (with falafel), it combines perfectly with couscous, rice, bulgur etc., on a pizza but also on a regular sandwich.

Guacamole from spring peas, a great alternative for avocado.

make this lovely green dip with spring peas instead! You will be surprised by its lovely taste, its freshness and it’s perfect match with the traditonal Mexican dishes.
It is a bit sweeter than regular guacamole and less creamy. It is also lighter and much lower in fat than traditional guacamole, which one could consider an advantage

Purslane, Puy-lentils and homemade feta.

did you know that out of all green leafy vegetables, purslane is the one containing the highest amount of Omega-3 fatty acid, so do not hesitate any longer, go out and pick that purslane! (or buy it like I did).

5 Reasons to use banana flour.

I stumbled upon a brownie recipe and it needed banana flour. So I decided to give it a go and did some research along the way. I found out some interesting facts about banana flour and why it is such a great alternative to wheat flours:

Examples of meat substitutes and what to do with them.

My boys do tend to miss their meat, or at least the idea of eating meat, so I thought I’d better get familiar with the meat substitutes.
It opened up a whole new world to me. A world of seitan, tempeh, soy-flakes, vegan-burgers and of course tofu!