5 Reasons to use banana flour.

I stumbled upon a brownie recipe and it needed banana flour. So I decided to give it a go and did some research along the way. I found out some interesting facts about banana flour and why it is such a great alternative to wheat flours:

It is not about the picture…..

If I would have to describe myself I think the words unconventional, straightforward, honest, stubborn, giving and caring stand out. Some of you would perhaps categorize these words as flaws, in my book they are considered to be virtues. That does not mean however that I feel comfortable with these virtues all the time, of…

Falafel night, a celebration of a new beginning

Those of you who have been following me for a while, know that I have 4 teenager boys. Only one of them likes eating plantbased, the others absolutely not. One of those three is sixteen and boy oh boy is he sixteen! He behaves like he should at this age, we (his parents) say go…

Best wishes!

In this extremely busy pre-holiday weeks I did not find the time to write about my latest stunning recipes, I will absolutely make it up to you! In the meantime I would like to wish everyone around the globe: Happy Holidays and a peaceful and plant based 2017