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Israel, land of history, culture, stunning nature, religious sites and the place where three religions come together in that one city, Jerusalem. But also land of sun, sea, beaches, nightclubs and excellent food. Tel Aviv, capital of Israel offers all of this in one! A city by the Mediterranean sea, with its splendid white sandy beaches, relaxed atmosphere, Unesco recognized architecture, world-class nightlife. A modern city where East meets West.

The Israeli kitchen is known to be one of world’s best, including the plantbased kitchen. Tel Aviv is frontrunner when it comes to plantbased food, it is also known as the “Vegan capital of the world”. There are numerous of 100% plantbased restaurants as well as countless “Vegan friendly” stickers on the windows of the traditional restaurants, cafés and bars.  An excellent place to be for the culinary (plantbased) traveler!

Everyday Plantpower and &Olives travel* have joined forces in 2019. They provide you with the opportunity to experience all of this yourself by offering plantbased culinary trips to Tel Aviv-Israel. A vacation for everyone who enjoys good food, cooking, sun and culture.

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Our trips have been postponed until further notice. We are however hopeful that we can proceed in 2022. The details and costs of these trips will be decided after restrictions are lifted. Obviously we will keep you informed. If you want to be updated straight away, then please fill out the contact form and we will notify you by email.

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  • &Olives travel was formerly known as Isropa, a Dutch travel organization with 47 years of expertise in organised trips to the Middle-East.

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