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The year 2020 was dominated by Covid-19 , which made travelling almost impossible. Our culinary trips to Tel Aviv were also affected and had to be cancelled. Obviously the traveling branche took a hard hit because of this crisis. But Isropa used the past months to adjust to these new circumstance and to changed customer needs. They worked hard and came up with a new name, a new logo nad new offerings.

From now on Isropa is called &Olives Travel * with a beautiful fitting logo:

With a range of small-scale accomodation the focus has shifted towards sustainable vacations. Something that suits Everyday Plantpowers philosophy even better. So we decided to continue our cooperation and offer our culinary plantbased trips to Tel Aviv again in 2021.

The exact details of these trips are not determined as it is not clear when our trips will be possible again. Until then we plan to offer the following (subject to changes):

  • A 4-day trip to Tel Aviv, including 2 plantbased cooking workshops and dinners in 100% plantbased culinairy restaurants. workshops;
  • An 8-day trip to Tel Aviv, including 2 plantbased cooking workshops and 1 plantbased baking workshop hosted by renowned Israeli chefs. You will discovering Tel Aviv-Jaffo with its vibrant food markets, it’s fancy shopping centers, its countless 100% plantbased restaurants and its lovely relaxed and sunny beaches. You willl pay a visit to Jerusalems most famous historic sites and enjoy a relaxed day at the lowest point on this planet, the Dead Sea where you will experience floating in the salty water;
  • A 10-day trip though Israel. Also including plantbased cooking workshops. A visit to Tiberias, Haifa, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Negev desert where we can enjoy a yoga-class or maybe even a Jeep-trip.

Key word of our trips is flexibility! We can adjust everything according to our customers specific needs, the main theme being: a plantbased culinary discovery. Suitable for everyone (Dutch or otherwise) who enjoys good food. Familiarity with the plantbased kitchen is not a necessity!

All our trips to Israel guarantee a unique experience. Doors will be opened to you which normally stay closed to regular tourists.

During our trips you will be accompanied by Brünhilde Albers from Everyday Plantpower (undersigned). For the past 35 years I regard Israel as my second home. I am fluent in Hebrew and fully initiated in Israeli culture and local habits.

Are you interested, do you want to sign up or do you want to get updated directly? Please fill out this form and I will contact you asap.

&Olives Travel and Everyday Plantpower by Brünhilde are confident about the next year and I am looking forward to meet and accompany you!

See you.

*&Olives travel is member of ANVR and SGR