About me

Hello and welcome to my site!
Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Brünhilde Albers, mother of four sons and married to a devoted endurance athlete. Born and raised in the Netherlands, I live in a beautiful village near the Dutch coast, at 40 km distance from the city of Amsterdam.

In 2012 my husband decided to experiment with a plantbased lifestyle in order to test the effect on his athletic performance. After reading the book “Finding Ultra” by endurance athlete Rich Roll, he became convinced that we should give this lifestyle a try. I was pretty sceptic at first, believing that it would be too complicated and too much work, but promised to give it a go for his sake!

Somewhat hesitant and uncertain at the very beginning, but growing more confident and experienced over time, I adapted to this way of cooking. 

Within less than a year I transformed from someone who never used to like cooking, considering myself to be a mediocre cook, into a creative cook with a passion for plantbased living. So passionate that I started to develop my own recipes.

But not only do I love to eat plantbased food, I also love the positive effect it has on my well-being! I used to think that I was a healthy person. But since I changed my lifestyle to a plantbased one I feel much better and healthier. All kinds of things changed for the better, from better teeth condition to a more balanced hormone level, more energy, the list is endless!

Of course, I stumbled upon some challenges during this “transition period”. For instance, where to buy the right products, how to replace eggs etcetera? In 2013 plantbased food was not very common in the Netherlands. Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular which makes it easier to switch. However I still get a lot of questions like: ”what exactly does plantbased mean ?”, or “don’t you miss anything?” or the most asked question: “where do you get your protein?”. 

These questions, together with my enthusiasm for this way of life, made me decide to share my experiences, my recipes, my travels or in short, my plant based lifestyle. Via this website but also on Instagram and Facebook. 

My main goal? To let as many people as possible experience that plant based food is delicious, healthy, very diverse, easy to prepare and affordable! I can only wish that everybody experiences what I have experienced so far: absolutely smashingly delicious food which makes you feel fit, full of energy and happy!

You are all invited to join me in experiencing the joy of a plantbased lifestyle, every day and everywhere!

Brünhilde Albers