Cakes and sweets

Pecan-chocolate chip cookies

These cookies, which I shared in my Insta story yesterday, are so good that I feel it would actually be a felony not to share them with you!So that’s were I come in! I translated it for you ánd made it vegan and slightly ‘healthier’ by reducing the enormous amount of sugar.

The perfect basic muffin recipe!

After 8 years of vegan baking, exploring the internet for recipes, experimenting, testing (on my kids mostly😆)and adjusting, I finally and wholeheartedly can say that this recipe is PERFECT. The right sweetness, the right texture, the right size, the right crispiness on top. Just absolutely delicious!

Chocolate cake, a token of love!

At this very day we have another celebration going on in our home, our wedding anniversary! Today 23 years ago my husband and I got married in Carmel by the Sea, California USA. We married at the beach, just the two of us and the wedding officer. I would like to tell you a little bit about my husband, my soulmate and best friend for the past 28 years

Halva, a Middle-Eastern delicacy

During the preparations of the annual Vakantiebeurs Utrecht (vacation expo with about 20.00 visitors per day ) one of the first things we (Isropa* and Everyday Plantpower) decided on serving our visitors was Halva, a sweet delicacy from the Middle-East. The only problem was the fact that that much Halva would be too great an investment….

Holidays are coming!🎄

Outdoor Christmas decorations √ Indoor Christmas decorations √ Christmas outfit √ Christmas plans √ Snow ……., still time for that Christmas menu …….., working on it Not only Santa is making a list and checking it twice 🎅🏼This is my list of preparations for the most wonderful time of the year and I’m making good…


It is almost Valentine’s day and that means that soon it is my birthday as well (tomorrow in fact..) I can’t think of a better reason to make this special cake. Despite the fact that it is not strawberry season here in the Netherlands, I did manage to find fresh strawberries which taste like it…

Wintercake with berries

Eating plant based, or being vegan which ever way you want to call it, does not mean at all that you cannot eat cakes, cookies, sweets, chocolate, the comforting feel good stuff if you will! You know, the in-betweens, the deserts that we crave for every now and then. (I do, that’s for sure😄) This…

Salted caramel and chocolate cheesecake. To celebrate a new season. New beginnings with plant based food.

For many of us summer is a time to let go, to celebrate summer, being free for a while from our daily obligations and routines. It is also the time where we often indulge ourselves with bbq’s, cold beers, fresh rosé, ice creams etc.. This “letting go” has an important function. It recharges your “battery”,…