Welcome to my site.

This site is for anyone who loves delicious, healthy food. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or just someone who is open to new and alternative ways of cooking, this is the place to discover the richness that plantbased food has to offer everyone.

My aim is to share with you a variety of everyday plantbased recipes for everyday use, as well as experiences while traveling and/or dining out. I offer workshops and plantbased cooking lessons/foodcoaching in small groups or one-on-one. Tailored to your own personal needs and desires.

Besides food I also offer you the chance to join me on one of our culinary travels to Tel Aviv – Israel, trips I organise together with &Olives Travel, a Dutch company with 47 years of experience in organizing trips to the Middle-East .

I hope that you will enjoy my website as much as I do creating it.

Let’s not waste anymore time. Join me and let me take you on a culinary journey!

Brünhilde Albers