Pumpkin bread with nuts and chocolate chips. All year round!

Who said that pumpkin bread is something you eat in winter? Bend the rules, eat what you like, whenever you like! I prepared this pumpkin bread this week. It was my first attempt ever. I really love pumpkin in the kitchen and of course know about pumpkin, but just never tasted it, let alone prepared it. Somehow pumpkin bread in my mind is a real American thing, for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But from now that has changed! It is going to be a European thing too (if it was up to me that is…)

Anyway, the one in the picture was meant to be served at the Easter breakfast table, unfortunately (!) it did not make it that far. It was so good that it took only two days before my family finished it until the last crumb. I consider that a good thing. though. They liked it so much that they had if for breakfast, as a in between snack and for desert! (we are talking about teenager boys here, they are hungry 24/7).

So I prepared a new one (no picture) and added cranberries this time instead of chocolate, I know , I know the ultimate winter combination, but I just love cranberries and felt like adding them. Pumpkin and cranberries are like a match made in heaven.

I tasted one loaf of that, wrapped the rest of the bread and stored it in the fridge with a note sticked to it: Do Not Touch!! So far so good, they did not touch it yet. Only one more day to go…..!

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