The perfect basic muffin recipe!

After 8 years of vegan baking, exploring the internet for recipes, experimenting, testing (on my kids mostly­čść)and adjusting, I finally and wholeheartedly can say that this recipe is PERFECT. The right sweetness, the right texture, the right size, the right crispiness on top. Just absolutely delicious!

Chocolate cake, a token of love!

At this very day we have another celebration going on in our home, our wedding anniversary! Today 23 years ago my husband and I got married in Carmel by the Sea, California USA. We married at the beach, just the two of us and the wedding officer. I would like to tell you a little bit about my husband, my soulmate and best friend for the past 28 years

Why 2020 is a special year for me.

2020 promised to be a special year.  The year of the European soccer championships, the year of the return of Formula 1 to Dutch soil, the year of the Olympics and so much more. Only midway April we can conclude that indeed 2020 turned out to be a very special year, just not in the way…

About black garlic and what to do with it!

Black garlic is regarded an ingredient for high end-cuisine. But what is it, where can you buy it and how to use it. Read all about it and learn how to prepare a delicious plantbased black pesto with it!

Spiced sweet potato and crispy tofu cubes

Are you stuck at home, bored to death, worried about gaining weight (because you can’t visit the place where you normally exercise) or simply looking for new healthy and super easy recipes during this corona crisis? You’ve come to the right place. Because the recipe I’m sharing with you today is very very easy, very…

Halva, a Middle-Eastern delicacy

During the preparations of the annual Vakantiebeurs Utrecht (vacation expo with about 20.00 visitors per day ) one of the first things we (Isropa* and Everyday Plantpower) decided on serving our visitors was Halva, a sweet delicacy from the Middle-East.┬áThe only problem was the fact that that much Halva would be too great an investment….

Back home- time to share my experiences

It probably did not escape your attention that I visited Tel Aviv! The purpose of this trip was to check out the hotel, meet the chefs who will host our workshops, visit all the restaurants we will eat at, meet people who will take care of our transport to places we will visit outside Tel…

Guacamole from spring peas, a great alternative for avocado.

make this lovely green dip with spring peas instead! You will be surprised by its lovely taste, its freshness and it’s perfect match with the traditonal Mexican dishes.
It is a bit sweeter than regular guacamole and less creamy. It is also lighter and much lower in fat than traditional guacamole, which one could consider an advantage

5 Reasons to use banana flour.

I stumbled upon a brownie recipe and it needed banana flour. So I decided to give it a go and did some research along the way. I found out some interesting facts about banana flour and why it is such a great alternative to wheat flours:

Examples of meat substitutes and what to do with them.

My boys do tend to miss their meat, or at least the idea of eating meat, so I thought I’d better get familiar with the meat substitutes.
It opened up a whole new world to me. A world of seitan, tempeh, soy-flakes, vegan-burgers and of course tofu!