Sustainability Tuesday.

For the future of my children, the future of humankind, the future of nature and for the future of our amazing and gorgeous planet, Mother Earth!

Planet earth from outer space

Today is Sustainability Tuesday* in The Netherlands. A day on which a long list of initiatives and ideas concerning sustainability for everyday life and businesses is presented to the Dutch Government.

I couldn’t have picked a better day for returning to this platform and to you. To pick up where I left off almost five months ago. Months during which I did some serious thinking about and reflection on Everyday Plantpower. Whether or not I see a future for this website and if so, how to proceed? Or maybe it’s time to throw the towel and do something else?

Decision time

During more than five years I gave Everyday Plantpower my absolute best. I invested all the time I could spare. Time in which I created new recipes, veganized existing recipes, tested new plantbased products. But also a time during which I took workshops on food photography, on social media and its algorithms, on foraging in one’s own garden, the health benefits of herbs and how to run and improve a website. I invested in beautiful kitchenware and photographing equipment to create more attractive food pictures. 

Furthermore I created culinary travels to Tel Aviv. A dream that became a reality in 2017 and that I was able to realize in 2019 through the cooperation with &Olives (formerly Isropa). 

Obviously these trips have been cancelled since the beginning of 2020 and it’s uncertain if and when we will be able to offer them again.

All this hard work seemed in vain. I never felt or received response or feedback that Everyday Plantpower makes a difference. That my website and everything I offer is appreciated and enjoyed by a broad enough audience. Which after almost six years leaves me wondering what am I doing wrong and maybe I am in the wrong line of business?

New challenge

And then out of the blue I was invited to join the board of the Women’s Business Association. When I asked why, the answer was: ”Because of your enthusiasm and your writing skills”. Needless to say I beamed with pride and so I gladly accepted this new challenge.

One of my first actions was to invite the founders of Food for Skin to speak to our members about their sustainable plastic and chemical free skin products (which I have been using for a couple of months now and highly recommend!).

They gladly accepted and I am excited that they will be visiting us next month to share their story and their mission.

The board also sets a theme for the upcoming season which starts tomorrow with our annual members meeting. Every season has its own theme and for this year’s theme we chose sustainability. A theme that fits our first speakers of the season like a glove and obviously is a theme that’s close to my heart.

While this took place this Summer my abovementioned reflections about Everyday Plantpower’s future were still in process. Admittedly, I leaned more towards throwing the towel rather than proceeding. 

Keep showing up

But then September started, my sons returned to school/university, my eldest son graduated and started a new adventure as well as my husband who started a new exciting job after being self-employed for 19 years. Lots of exciting stuff which inflicted good vibes. 

Vibes that brought new energy, resulting in the decision keep showing up, at least for one more year! Another year of writing, cooking, creating, teaching and maybe even travelling! To promote a more plantbased way of living. To show the world that plantbased food is delicious, nutritious, affordable, easy to prepare and a lot of fun. That by choosing to eat plantbased food more often, one contributes to a more sustainable world. 

So Everyday Plantpower is my contribution to a more sustainable world. If through my work I’m able to convince others, it will be time well spent. Because it is time that I invest in my children’s future, the future of humankind, the future of nature and the future of this amazing and gorgeous planet, our Mother Earth. 

*For more info on Sustainability Tuesday click here (Dutch only)