Life after veganuary!

Colorful salad with plantbased cheeseballs coated with Za’atar

One more week

As we enter the last week of January the veganuary challenge comes to an end as well. Perhaps you too tried cooking plantbased food the entire month. Maybe for the first time or maybe you participate every year.

Since I have been completely plantbased since 2012 (when veganuary wasn’t a ‘thing’ yet) I never took part in this challenge. So I always wonder how people experience one month of vegan cooking? Did they like it, what problems did they encounter, how hard was it or maybe better, how easy? And of course the million dollar question: will they continue plantbased cooking? And if they do will they do so on a daily basis or maybe just a couple of times per week?

My plantbased start

The reason I have these questions is because when I started it took me about six months to become entirely plantbased. I had to get familiar with plantbased cooking. I had to learn how to replace eggs, dairy, meat and fish. I had to search for alternative products, which was much more of a challenge in 2012 than it is nowadays. But most importantly, my body needed to adapt. Because in the beginning every night after dinner I was hungry! My body was so used to digesting meat that now that this task had become redundant it was shouting out to me. It kept doing that for approximately three weeks.

These cravings made me doubt if going plantbased was the right thing for me. Because breakfast, lunch, plantbased milk in my coffee where all perfectly fine and easy to maintain. But those dinners… When searching for information about this it became clear that this was quite normal. So I kept going. And indeed after three or four weeks the ‘shouting’ was gone and things started to shift.

I felt fitter than ever before. I finally lost weight, something I had been trying to do for years after having my fourth child! My hormone balance normalised. So I could say bye bye to hot-flashes, mood-swings and all the other ‘benefits’ of being ‘a woman of a certain age’. My dentist still praises me for the excellent condition my teeth are in ever since. You get it: my overal health improved considerably. Something I didn’t even feel was necessary because I thought I was doing great.

Your plantbased begin

Which brings me back to you and your plantbased begin. Maybe you participated this month in eating vegan, to see if it suits you. Whether you want to stop animal suffering, live a more sustainable life or improve your health. Whatever the reason, how did it go? Do you recognise any of the above experiences? Would you be willing to explore plantbased living further but is it all a bit daunting still?

I can help! Allow yourself to benefit from my experience, from the knowledge that I have gained in the past nine years.

My offer to you

There are several ways in which I can help you;

  • There is the possibility of foodcoaching , one-on-one and now also online;
  • Receiving a personalised plantbased plan for one week (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
  • Pick my brain: during a 1,5 hour talk (in person or online) you can ask me anything about plantbased cooking, recipes, tips and tricks etcetera.

Interested? Please contact me via this form to inquire for possibilities and pricing or any other question you might have!

I look forward to meeting you and help you on your way towards a (more) plantbased life

I’d like to finish with an impression of what I prepared this veganuary (see image-carousel below).

Have an enjoyable plantbased week.