Pecan-chocolate chip cookies

Scrumptious cookies

These cookies, which I shared in my Insta story yesterday, are so good that I feel it would actually be a felony not to share them with you!

The idea for this recipe comes from, a totally inspiring lovely human being who happens to be the queen of baking in Israel. The majority of her recipes aren’t plantbased and so wasn’t this recipe.

So that’s were I come in! I translated it for you ánd made it vegan and slightly ‘healthier’ by reducing the enormous amount of sugar.

They are in fact so good that I prepared two batches within 24 hours! I would be happy to blame my kids for that, but truth is I am as guilty as they are😉.

It is an easy recipe, quick to prepare also. The hardest part is the waiting for them to cool off!

So without further ado, rush to the recipe, start baking and thank me later!