A 15 minute recipe, great after an intensive workout! Green lentil-quinoa tabbouleh.


Everyday is a workout day with a triathlete husband, so protein-rich food is a given. Which obviously is not a problem because the list of products that contain protein is endless. During the weekends the workouts are more intense, 4 hours of biking followed by an hour of running is not unusual. Even now that all the races have been cancelled he still continues these training sessions, to keep fit and strong for better times to come.

Obviously physical exertion like that makes a man hungry and in need of some extra protein and carbohydrates. So during the weekends I try to prepare food with chickpeas, humus, beans or lentils together with wholegrain rice or bulgur and of course fresh leavy greens. Excellent food for not just my husband, but for the boys, who seem to be hungry ALL THE TIME!!! as well. My intention is always to prepare large quantities to keep them going for a while and with any luck to have some leftovers for next days lunch (which is hardly ever the case😏).

This weekend I had a lot going on so I couldn’t spend too much time in the kitchen. This recipe came to my rescue. It is literally 15 minutes of work, easy to prepare, accessible ingredients (which you can easily adjust to your own taste should you desire) utterly delicious and packed with protein! I am amazed that I didn’t come up with this idea sooner.

As you will see it is a recipe for 4-6 persons. Should you require for two, just cut back on the quinoa and the lentils (200 grams/100grams) but leave the herbs and dressing ingredients as they are. You could also easily store leftovers in the fridge for a couple of days and enjoy a day off of cooking😉.

Either way enjoy it and let me know what you think of it!

Click here for recipe

PS, in case you’re worried that I don’t get any of this delicious food because I only mention my husband and the boys….no need, growing up with 5 brothers I learned to take care of me at a very young age😂.