Carrot cake, a royal treat!

The Dutch King celebrates his 53th birthday tomorrow. A special day, not only for him and his family but for the entire nation. Tradition has it that the King’s birthday is a National Holiday. Every year on his birthday the King and his family visit two cities (chosen months before). During a couple of hours those cities and their mayors get the opportunity to showcase what they have to offer. Inhabitants get the honour of performing their well rehearsed dances, local food, sports etcetera for the Royal family. It is quite a big thing! The rest of the country celebrates by attending outdoor concerts, games for children, visiting bars, drinking, but above all strolling the many “Free Markets”. On this day the Dutch people are allowed to sell their (old) stuff, perform their act, sell food on the streets of their hometown without a permit. Something that many people look forward to, so much so that the night before they claim their spot on the streets by taping their area, chalk their name on the cobblestones, placing a blanket or chair on “their” part of the street. Just to make sure they get the best spot in town and their stuff will sell. It is quite the event!

Another thing that stands out on this day is that the color orange is dominantly present throughout our streets. Orange is our national colour (despite the fact that our flag is Red-White and Blue) because that is the family name of our Royals.

Obviously this year we will have none of that due to Corona restrictions. We will have to celebrate from our homes. A huge disappointment to many! Therefore I thought of preparing this cake as some sort of consolation. In honour of our King’s birthday. Because it’s orange and just because nothing beats a good carrot cake. For this special occasion I decorated it with orange powder! It turned out moist, soft , sweet and totally delicious. My only worry is that it will not last until tomorrow😛

So Dutch or not, birthday or otherwise this cake is for everyone, any time. Click here for recipe

To the Dutch I would like to say, FIJNE KONINGSDAG!