Chocolate chip cookies, the ultimate soul food!

Chocolate chip and oat cookies

During this period where lots of people experience anxiety, discomfort, stress and some sadly enough grief, because of this wretched Coronavirus, we can all use some comforting soul food! And aren’t chocolate chip cookies the ultimate form of comfort food? I think so, as do my kids.

Speaking of those, I don’t know how about you but in our house the boys seem to take this situation harder than us parents. Their concerns and stress about digital homework and online class caught us by surprise. You would think youngsters would be the most flexible of us all! But our four boys are anxious and apprehensive about this new way of education. I am confident however that they will be allright in the end. By the end of next week they will hopefully have found a new rhythm. They might even see the benefits of home-schooling, like; getting up at a more “sensible” hour (their words, not mine😂), no running late, no one telling you to put away your smartphone…. On top of that my boys have the added bonus of a mother who spends most of her time in the kitchen preparing them lovely lunches, soups, cups of tea etcetera.

Another thing that stands out to me is the sudden feeling of solidarity across the country (across the globe even). We seem to be aware of being all in “the same boat” more or less and it brings out the best in the majority of the people. I think that is a huge bonus! One can only hope that this good behaviour will stick with us after the crisis as well.

My own contribution to solidarity was and will continue to be sharing tasty and healthy recipes like these chocolate chip cookies. That’s correct healthy, the wholewheat spelt flour and rolled oats make them healthy. That they contain chocolate makes them good for your emotional health (that’s what chocolate does😉) and ok they do contain sugar, but at least it’s the a “good” kind of sugar.

I also used Xanthan gum, which is a first for me. Xanthan gum is a natural product. You can buy it either at organic stores, online, I bought it at Holland &Barrett. It enhances the crumbly crispiness that you would want in your cookies. It is optional not a necessity, but it’s worth to try I’m telling you!

So go ahead, start baking, make your family happy, stay positive, keep active, use your common sense, don’t worry to much, spread some love💝 and most importantly of all stay healthy!

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