Roasted buckwheat, Kasha, with oven roasted mushrooms!

Buckwheat actually is a deceiving name! It suggests being a wheat, which of course it is not. Buckwheat is a grain, instead of a grass, which makes it gluten-free and thus very suitable for people who suffer from gluten-allergy. It is a popular health food due to its high mineral and antioxidant content. It may even improve the blood sugar control.

The roasted form of buckwheat is called “Kasha”. Kasha is one of Russia’s national dishes, they use it for sweet dishes (like porridge) as well as savoury ones, like this dish with mushrooms.

The combination of kasha with mushrooms, which have been used worldwide for thousands of years for their *healing properties, makes this dish extremely healthy!

You can buy kasha in organic stores, but you can also buy regular buckwheat and roast it yourself, which makes it a bit less expensive.

Usually when I use mushrooms I fry them, but this time I used the oven. I have to admit that I have never done that before, wasn’t sure if that would work. But it worked like a charm and it actually is much easier. You do not have to stir while frying and keep an eye on them, leaving you time to prepare the other ingredients. So I will definitely prepare them this way more frequently!

The addition of chili-peppers and garlic is optional and a matter of personal preference. The herbs and onions however are indispensable, as is the cutting of the herbs manually instead of using a kitchen machine. It will make the herbs wet and takes the flavour out of them.

Chopping of herbs manually

All in all this dish is a must try, it’s very satisfying, tasty, healthy, glutenfree, plantbased and takes only 30 minutes!

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