Wintercake with berries

Soft and moist cake with warm “winter” spices

Eating plant based, or being vegan which ever way you want to call it, does not mean at all that you cannot eat cakes, cookies, sweets, chocolate, the comforting feel good stuff if you will! You know, the in-betweens, the deserts that we crave for every now and then. (I do, that’s for sure😄)

This cake is such an in-between snack (or desert, a breakfast option even!) Totally plant based, contains no refined sugar, only maple syrup. First I baked one with fresh cranberries, I love cranberries and I loved the cake. But not everyone in my family loves them, so I baked another one with blueberries instead, also yummy.

A dot of whipped coconut cream to go with makes it an extra special treat.

Wrap it in cling film and it will stay good for 5 days or so, if it will last that long!

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