Apple-hazelnut pie with a twist!

Let’s talk apple-pie! Everyone knows apple-pie and everyone seems to love it. Seems… because in my family of six, only two love to eat apple-pie, myself and one of my sons. Which is a-typical for a Dutch family, because apple-pie in the Netherlands represents “cosines”.  

The fact that only two members in my family eats apple-pie means that I never bake one. Because baking one would mean that me and my son will have to eat the entire cake just the two of us.  Some would cheer to the very thought, and so would my taste buds. My hips and butt however would cry their eyes out and I imagine we all know why 😂!

During my a quest for an alternative apple-pie that would be acceptable for the whole family, I came across a non-plant-based recipe from the Middle-East. I liked the basic idea of the recipe, however the amount of white sugar that was used was disturbingly high and since I do not particularly like to use white flour in my bakings, changes were necessary. I choose to use whole-wheat speltflour instead and together with some other modifications like: vegan “eggs”, less sugar (coconut blossom sugar), a touch of cardamom and a drop of maple syrup, I decided to give it a go.

All the ingredients together

The result was this lovely cake full of that nutty flavor, spiciness of the thyme, cardemom and ginger and only a slight hint of apple, but enough to give it that freshness. 

60 minutes in the oven

The ultimate test of course would be to serve it to the rest of the family. To my relief they all really liked it. In fact they liked it so much that within one week I am baking a third one as we speak!  That sounds a like much maybe, but we had a birthday to celebrate and I treated the Isropa* team to a piece of my cake😉 as a token of my appreciation for their hard work.

So enough said, rush to the recipe and try it yourself. Let me know if you like it!


*Isropa is my business partner in the culinary travels to Tel Aviv. You can still join us on one of our trips!