Muhjardarah with sumac yogurt.

a protein packed dish from the Middle-East!

Crispy onions on top for that chrunchyness

This is one of the dishes I learned to prepare in Israel. The people I lived with back then were born in Iraq originally and moved to Israel when they were allowed to. Obviously they brought their way of cooking with them. (One of the reasons why the Israeli kitchen is a melting pot of many cuisines from across the globe!)

It is a very simple dish consisting of only three main ingredients: onions, lentils and rice. Nevertheless packed with flavour and protein! The yogurt on the side adds that little bit of extra. (For those who don’t like yogurt with their main course, humus would be a great alternative, meaning even more protein.)

The protein is one of the reasons I prepare this dish often. My husband is a triathlete and not a day goes by without excercise, so a bit of extra protein every now and then is recommended. The other reason for preparing this dish, besides it being really tasty, is that it is so easy to prepare within a really short time. Excellent after a long day at work or school, or whatever keeps you busy during the day. 

And the great thing is, it combines really great with almost anything. A green salad, tomato salad, a salad of fresh herbs or even meat should you want to.

Another easy fact, all the ingredients are available in your local supermarket. So I am not going to keep you any longer, just click the link and head to the recipe