Veganize it, part one!

There are a good deal of great recipes where non-vegan ingredients are key. Ricotta, feta, Greek style yogurt and eggs to name a few. That leaves one with two choices: either you skip those recipes, or you transform the recipe into a plant based version. Here is how to!

Muhjardarah with sumac yogurt.

Muhjardarah with vegan sumac yogurt. A three ingredient only dish packed with protein and full of flavours from the Middle East!

Lentil-leek curry with ginger rice.

I promised my son to prepare a curry, because he likes rice with sauce and he loves onions and leek! As you can see, I definitely used those, but also sweet pointed pepper and green turkish peppers.

Roasted cauliflower with roasted hazelnuts and puy lentils

I have a sort of love-hate affair going on with cauliflower and I am not the only one in our family. None of my kids like it and my husband always objects when I suggest to prepare something with cauliflower in it. He does eat it though and usually likes the end result. All of…