Lentil-leek curry with ginger rice.

Curious how my son is doing with his new chosen plantbased lifestyle? Well he is doing great, he is very brave at eating every meal I put in front of him, despite the fact that he does not like mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers. You probably wonder how on earth did he decide to go plantbased if he dislikes that many vegetables (the list is actually even longer). I am very tempted to say that I am an excellent cook, so all these veggies are turned into something delicious! But in all fairness, he really tries everything and does not necessarily likes it all. He just is the type of person that once he made a decision he is fully committed to it! For a sixteen year old I think that is very mature behavior and needless to say that I am very proud of him.

He started two weeks ago and some noticeable changes are occurring. One of them, an important one at that age, is that his skin started to improve. The pimples and blackheads seem to disappear and the greasy hair seems to improve as well. These changes which appear on the surface are of course a consequence of a better hormonal balance. A well known effect of a plant based diet.

So after two weeks of trying something new every evening, I promised him to prepare a curry. He likes rice with sauce and he loves onions and leek! As you can see, I definitely used those, but also sweet pointed pepper and green turkish peppers. He hardly noticed.

Now there are many good curry’s out there and there are some excellent vegan curry pastes you can buy. Handy when you are in a hurry, but this one I prepared from scratch.

He loved it and so did we!

Click here for recipe.

Enjoy the weekend!