Black beans salad with mango and avocado!

We have a commercial on Dutch television were a famous Dutch cook promotes canned beans of all sorts. He stands in a field behind a table, opens up a can of beans and eats a whole spoon of beans straight from the can. So that means they are cold beans. The thought of cold beans, as well as many other cold vegetables, makes me shiver! I am really not into cold veggies, other than salads obviously.

However I found this recipe in one of my recently acquired cookbooks and it looked very tempting. And since a spicy chocolate chili was on the menu I was looking for a salad to go with that.

So I thought I would give it a try. Well I must say wasn’t that the best idea ever, what an absolute smashingly delicious salad it turned out to be!! I made some alterations to the original recipe (by Roz Purcell).

My reluctancy disappeared completely and this salad has opened up a whole new world to explore, which is especially great with spring clearly on its way!

The combination with the Chocolate Chili, which I will tell you all about at another occasion, was a perfect one!

Click here for recipe.

To try it is to like it!