Citrussalad with pomelo, Chioggia beetroots, fennel and beansprouts.

I was standing in front of the fruit section, displayed in crates in front of the Turkish supermarket, exactly the way they do in the Middle East. I just love the way that looks and it always makes me incredibly greedy! Anyway, I took a Pomelo from the crate just as an elderly couple passed by. The act of picking a good pomelo caused them to stop and ask me what on earth that large yellow thing was?

Lovely pomelo!

For a moment I thought to myself:” what do you mean, how come you don’t know what this is?” But instantly I realized that what to me seems very normal and familiar is often new and unfamiliar to many others. 

The inside of a pomelo.

The fact that I have been living in Israel many years ago has caused me to get to know some food that have become popular in the Netherlands (and many other countries) only since a few years. Humus, pomegranate, bulgur, tahini to name a few examples and of course the pomelo! Hard to imagine that from all of these products I only liked to eat the pomelo back then (things have definitely changed since then!). I was lucky enough that one of my friends actually has his own pomelo tree in his garden!!!

But back to the couple who asked me what that yellow thing was. They also asked me what to do with it. They got me started 😉and I explained them about the wonders of this yellow giant. That you obviuosly can eat them as you would an orange or an apple, but that they are also a smashing addition with Brussel’s sprouts (one of my favorite recipes of the great Ottolenghi), a nice addition to a fruit salad and of course this citrus-salad that I prepared. 

The combination with the roasted Chioggia beets, the fennel, the smoked salt, the spicy beansprouts, the bitterness of the grapefruit (another thing I really love!), they are a match made in heaven! 

Roasted Chioggia beets and grated fennel ready for grilling.

You get my drift, I LOVE pomelo, I like it’s taste, I like the firmness of the flesh, I like the smell and look of it. As soon as they are available in the stores I rush to get my hands on them!

Close up!

I can merely suggest you do to and then head to this recipe.