Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies, that Santa will love too!

You may have noticed on Instagram that the past week I have been busy contriving a recipe for vegan Chocolate chip cookies making use of pumpkinpuree.

I have prepared two batches who both turned out pretty good. However, the first batch lacked the desired sweetness and had an unsatisfying texture. They were somewhat dry.

Nevertheless, the kids finished them within 10 minutes!

The second batch had the perfect taste, but once again texture failed. They came out too soft! But again this did not stop my children to devour them!

But with the third batch I think….No, I know, I nailed it. Delicious soft, sweet, heartwarming vegan pumpkin chocolat chip cookies or maybe more accurately pumpkin chocolate chip cakes. Because of their soft texture they resemble maybe more to cake rather than cookies. But if you leave them to sit long enough (preferably a day or so in the fridge after cooling) the outside will be crispy and the inside soft and moist. Also if you are able to leave them for a day the flavour comes out even better.

These cookies are so good that they are in fact a perfect plantbased alternative for the cookies that Santa usually is presented, while stuffing all the socks! Another good thing about it is that they only need 10 minutes in the oven.

Since in the Netherlands (and probably other European countries as well) it is very hard, if not impossible, to buy canned pumpkin puree, I roasted a whole pumpkin in the oven, pureed it and stored it in the fridge. Ready to be used for whatever. Since you only need 90 grams of pumpkinpuree in this recipe, it leaves you plenty for other dishes like; more cookies(!!), jam, spread, or simply as a side dish for dinner!

But enough said, get baking already and make sure to leave one for Santa! Maybe you’ll be rewarded an extra special gift….😉

Good luck and enjoy!

Click her for recipe