Spiced up Ful of dried Fava beans, comfort food at its best!

Humus is by far the best known food from the Middle East. You will find it all over the world, in every supermarket, in many restaurants, it comes in many flavors and it’s popularity is still increasing. Second runner up might well be Falafel.

Less well known maybe, but at least as tasty and satisfying, is Ful (which actually means Favabeans) and deserves third place if you ask me! Like Humus it’s creamy, tasty, easy to prepare and it takes only a small portion to get you through until the next meal.

In Egypt they have Ful for breakfast, but I figure for many people that is taking it a step to far. We love to eat it for lunch with Humus and flatbread (especially in winter) or for dinner, accompanied with a fresh salad and some potato wedges or tabouleh.

For this recipe I used dried Fava Beans, but you can also use beans from a can.

Obviously dried beans need to be soaked overnight.

To make a spicy version of Ful I added not only regular Tahini but also Spicy Chili flavoured Tahini which I bought during my last trip. (see previous blog) I am desperatly seeking to buy some in the Netherlands as well since I am out already, but of course you can spice up your regular Tahini by yourself.

If you do not belong to that small group of people who suffer from Favabean allergy you should definitely try this recipe, you’ll be surprised by how tasty it is! You will find dried Fava beans in supermarkets with products from the Middle East.

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