Pumpkin-Rosemary soup

I am excited because I LOVE PUMPKIN.
This love resulted in a new delicious recipe I conjured up. Pumpkin-Rosemary-Sage soup. A soft, delicate warming soup with a hint of fresh orange, a bit of summer and autumn in one. I guess you could call it a transition soup.

Traditional Dutch green pea soup, the vegan way!

Today I prepared Vegan Green pea soup, which is called Snert in Dutch. A soup that is served along the iceskating tracks to warm up (when winters are like they should be..), that is served as lunch or even for dinner with a loaf of onion bread for instance.

Spiced up Ful of dried Fava beans, comfort food at its best!

Less well known maybe, but at least as tasty and satisfying, is Ful (which actually means Favabeans) and deserves third place if you ask me! Like Humus it’s creamy, tasty, easy to prepare and it takes only a small portion to get you through until the next meal.

Black beans salad with mango and avocado!

We have a commercial on Dutch television were a famous Dutch cook promotes canned beans of all sorts. He stands in a field behind a table, opens up a can of beans and eats a whole spoon of beans straight from the can. So that means they are cold beans. The thought of cold beans,…

Mixed lettuce, fresh herbs, avocado and sprouting beets.

Having a good salad for lunch is always a great idea, having a rich salad full of flavors is an even better one! This salad is especially tasty, not only because it contains a wide variety of lettuce (like radicchio, baby spinach leaves, rocket, baby kale, wasabi leaves) but also because of the fresh mint…

Chickpea omelet

Chickpea omelet, great way to get your kids to eat vegetables.

Pumpkinsoup with Za'atar croutons. Best soup ever!

Sure, pumpkin soup is not new or very special and there are many, many ways to prepare a good pumkin soup. But you have to trust me on this one. This soup is incredibly simple but unbelievably good! Actually it is so spectacularly tasty that all of my children love it, one of them even…

Avocado club sandwich

Usually I have oatmeal for lunch, but today I decided to make myself a sandwich. Not just any sandwich… this is special bread, made of wholegrain rice and sourdough, so it is really nutritious and satisfying. I toasted the slices of bread, sliced half an avocado, four cherry tomatoes and spread some humus on one…

Falafel of Hazelnuts, chickpeas and favabeans

When you are a parent of teenagers, like I am, it can be a challenge sometimes to prepare a family dinner. Not only does each and every one of them prefer different kinds of food, they also have their own activities to go to. Like soccer practice, swimming practice, theater class, jobs etc. Usually those…

Eggplant, chickpeas and sticky dates salad

This week there is a heated discussion going on in the Netherlands about a “50 day green diet”, a company started by a bunch of girls. The so-called experts (dietitians, culinary journalists, people who work for governmental subsidized company’s related to food etc.) claim that eating only plant based food is dangerous(!!!). Needless to say…

Spicy Gingery Cucumber and Sweet peppers salad

Nothing more refreshing than cucumbers I think. It is also the most favorite vegetable for many children. They do not see cucumber as being a vegetable, often they eat it as a snack. Whenever I serve my kids a meal I feel slightly guilty about (fries, pizza, that kind of stuff) I always serve cherry…

Greek choriatiki vegan style

The Dutch summer season is utterly disappointing. We suffer from a serious lack of warm sunny days. So I decided to create a little bit of summer myself. In the form of this lovely vegan stye Greek choriatiki. I replaced the feta with avocado, added also grilled bell peppers and some rocket lettuce. A simple…

Summer Fruit Salad

Nothing beats a fresh fruit salad on a hot summers day. All it took for this salad was an apricot, some grapes, a banana, a handful of blueberries, a kiwi, pomme granate seeds, a handful of walnuts, unsweetened grated coconut and some chopped fresh mint leaves. That’s all, healthy and refreshing!