Vegan flapjacks, workout food!

I am pretty sure I mentioned before that my husband is a triathlete, and of course that means hours of training. When you ask your body to perform at that level you need to take good care of it, whether you are vegan or not. One popular thing that triathletes eat during those long bike rides or to recover after a training is a flapjack. They come in all kinds of flavours, apple cinnamon, chocolate, banana etc. I tried to make them myself today. I mixed a mashed banana, two small apples cut into small pieces, coconut oil, almond paste, maple syrup and cinnamon and let it simmer on low heat until it became a sticky paste. When done I stirred in rolled oats and mixed it well. Spread the sticky stuff on a baking dish covered with baking paper and pressed it firmly with a spatula. In the oven (200℃) for 20 minutes until the top starts turning golden brown.

Before cutting it into “bars” let it cool down completely.



They turned out rather well if I say so myself, maybe a wee bit to dry, but for a first it was ok. The kids liked them as well, so we have a win-win situation. Next time I willl add some raisins, maybe dates to make them less dry, but for now I am happy as it is.