Summer sauerkraut of kohlrabi and fennel

I know I don’t have to, but I would like to explain a little why I have not been posting much these last couple of weeks. As I told you before I was suffering from an inflammation and they gave me a shot of Prednizon to take away the pain. Well it took the pain away allright but in return I got a whole list of side effects. Apparently Prednizon is heavy stuff (I was not aware of that, I never take medicin, I do not even take aspirin if I have a headache). I will spare you the details, but it meant for one not feeling up to eating much, let alone cooking and writing about it. I still did not return to my usual self, but am getting there slowly!

Having said that, I did manage every now and then to prepare food and even a few new things, which I would like to share with you as always. Like this “summer sauerkraut” for instance. It contains kohlrabi, fennel, lemonjuice, red chili pepper, caraway seed (two teaspoons) and capers. It is very simple really, you cut the kohlrabi julienne style, you cut the fennel in very thin slices, you deseed the chili pepper and cut it in slices. You stir fry the chili pepper, the caraway seeds, the fennel and the kohlrabi for 10 minutes in some coconut oil (or other plantbased oil), ten place it in a bowl, pour the lemon juice over it, black pepper to taste and in the end the capers (100 grams). It reminded me of sauerkraut, but then with a more gentle taste, somewhat sweeter and less salty. I was actually pleasantly surprised by it. Combines great with roasted potato wedges.