Seaweed-ginger-shiitake salad

When I opened the package of seaweed spaghetti I must confess I was a bit put off by the smell that came out of the bag! But I put my small disgust aside and boy oh boy was that a good decision!

This salad is stunning! It is based on the original recipe of Ottolenghi and I added some ingredients, shiitake for one, to make it a complete meal instead of a side dish. And a complete meal it turned out to be!

The combination of the sweetness of the mango, the saltiness of the seaweed, the sharpness of the ginger, the freshness of the cucumber, the carrots and the shiitake who give this salad a firm bite, make this salad to one of my favorites! I strongly recommend you to try it yourself. Here is what you need to do:

Ingredients ( two persons):

150 grams dried seaweed spaghetti

40 grams fresh ginger cut into thin slices

150 grams of julienne cut carrots

60 ml rice vinegar

1 tsp of salt

1 tsp of coconut sugar (or any other kind of sugar)

half a cucumber , deseeded cut into thin strips

half a mango, cut into thin stripes

large handfull of roasted salted pecan nuts

2 spoons of roasted sesame seed

2 tsp of lime juice

1 spoon of good olive oil

handfull of fresh coriander leaves cut into small pieces

handfull of fresh mint leaves cut into small pieces

150 grams of shiitake mushrooms cut in slices


Rinse the “spaghetti” in cold water and set aside in plenty fresh cold water for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile cut all the ingredients that need to be cut.

Bring water to boil in a large pan. Drain the “spaghetti” and put in together with the ginger in the boiling water. Let it boil for 2 minutes, than add the carrots and let it boil a further 2 minutes. Drain and pat dry. Place it in a large dish and add while hot the vinegar, sugar and salt. Mix well.

Stir fry the shiitake until golden brown.

Then add all the ingredients into the dish, pour the lime juice and olive oil over it, sprinkle the pecan nuts and sesame seed over everything.