Mixed lettuce, fresh herbs, avocado and sprouting beets.

Having a good salad for lunch is always a great idea, having a rich salad full of flavors is an even better one! This salad is especially tasty, not only because it contains a wide variety of lettuce (like radicchio, baby spinach leaves, rocket, baby kale, wasabi leaves) but also because of the fresh mint leaves, coriander leaves, flat parsley and fresh tarragon. Just tear up the various leaves, mix everything, slice up an avocado, cut some cherry tomatoes in half and make a dressing. I mixed olive oil, fresh lime juice, smoked paprika powder, curry powder, chiliflakes, pinch of sea salt and black pepper. Pour the dressing over the leaves and sprinkle some sprouting beets over it.

No matter how cold it maybe outside, this salad will make you feel it is summer already!