Chickpea omelet

When it comes to healthy food habits, my youngest son is the most difficult one. Reluctantly he eats his vegetables, that is to say, most of them, but he has a strong preference for pizza, fries, sweets, fried chicken that kind of “food”. Now as a mother I try of course to get him to eat more vegetables. Not an easy task, as lots of you with children probably know. From my experience with his older brothers I know that pushing too hard will only backfire, so I choose to lead by example and to offer him alternatives in a gentle manner. Not always greatly successful, but I am convinced that once he gets older he will change his eating habits.
In the meantime I prepared him a chickpea omelet for lunch today, instead of a grilled cheese sandwich .
I mixed chickpea batter with lots of spices and dried chives. I prepared myself one with fried onion, garlic, turkish pepper and chilipepper, served with a salad and tahina. For him I made a simple version, just the chickpea mixture without the vegetables.

He absolutely loved it, seemed relieved even.
I am thrilled that he liked it and it convinced me to have faith, keep on trying and in the end he will learn to appreciate good food.

Excellent lunch recipe, but of course it serves as a  breakfast recipe as well!

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