Chocolate cake, Easter style!

While Passover starts tonight, Easter is on its way as well! The ultimate occasion to bake a special cake.

I choose this lovely vegan chocolate cake with yellow frosting in honour of Easter, but it is also suitable for Passover since it is made of almonds flour.

My youngest son desperetly wanted to help me so I gave him the important task of the finishing touch; the decorating! I think he did an excellent job ; )).

This cake is not a difficult one. I chose to make it square, because I like my square baking dish, but of course you can use the regular round spring form. If you really want to indulge yourself, you can make it a double layer cake, with a icing layer in between. Just double the recipe’s ingredients.

My son used chocolate sprinkles, because he loves them and the dark ones are vegan but I have sincere doubt that the light ones are as well. I didn’t want to spoil his fun and since we do nut suffer from any dairy allergies no harm is done.

Being a cook brings of course the very important task of tasting! We did not object to that obviously. You’ll understand that the cake did not make it all the way to Easter, so it seems that we will have another fun afternoon of baking.

Click here for recipe

For those of you who “celebrate” Passover or Easter, I wish you happy holidays together with your loved ones.