Halva, a Middle-Eastern delicacy

During the preparations of the annual Vakantiebeurs Utrecht (vacation expo with about 20.00 visitors per day ) one of the first things we (Isropa* and Everyday Plantpower) decided on serving our visitors was Halva, a sweet delicacy from the Middle-East. The only problem was the fact that that much Halva would be too great an investment….

Back home- time to share my experiences

It probably did not escape your attention that I visited Tel Aviv! The purpose of this trip was to check out the hotel, meet the chefs who will host our workshops, visit all the restaurants we will eat at, meet people who will take care of our transport to places we will visit outside Tel…

Culinary plantbased trips to Tel Aviv are ready for you to book!

The Israeli kitchen is known to be one of world’s best, that includes the plantbased kitchen. Tel Aviv is frontrunner when it comes to plantbased food, it is also known as the “Vegan capital of the world”. We have joined forces to provide you with the opportunity to experience all of this yourself by offering 8-days plantbased culinary trips to Tel Aviv.

It’s official!

Hi guys, I am too excited nót to share this next step with you! I had already announced my new partnership with Isropa on Instagram a few weeks ago and today another important step has been taken. Because my new business cards have arrived and they look great🤩 But not only do they look good,…

Vegan travels in the land of Milk and Honey!

I travelled to Israel for about 10 days at the end of last October. This time my trip was not only about visiting friends etc., it was also about traveling through “the land of Milk and Honey” as a vegan! Read here all about my vegan experiences and the many plantbased possibilities as a vegan tourist!

Tel Aviv, the vegan place to be!

apart from Israel being a beautiful country with many interesting historic places to visit and lovely beaches to enjoy it is also by far the best place for vegans!

Plantbased food in Israel

After my graduation I spent two weeks in Paris, France with my best friend at the time. During those two weeks we met two nice guys and spent a lot of time with them. They were traveling through Europe and a few weeks after we left Paris they paid a visit to Holland. We had…