Veganize it, part two!

Last time I talked to you about substitutes for plant based feta. This time I want to show you alternatives for parmesan and ricotta cheese and eggs. Three important ingredients in Ottolenghi’s recipe for ‘Aubergine dumplings alla Parmigiana’

Veganize it, part one!

There are a good deal of great recipes where non-vegan ingredients are key. Ricotta, feta, Greek style yogurt and eggs to name a few. That leaves one with two choices: either you skip those recipes, or you transform the recipe into a plant based version. Here is how to!

Braised fennel with garlic, capers and olives sauce

I found this recipe in one of Ottolenghi’s cookbooks (Plenty more) and although it is a long list of ingredients and preparation instructions, I decided to give it a go. It was definitely well worth the effort and the amount of work was not at all to bad or of-putting. In fact I had enough…