Red grapefruit, quinoa avocado salad


I do not particularly like to watch cooking programs, except for one: the Australian version of My Kitchen Rules. I indulge myself to watch every workday at 17.00 hours while I prepare dinner. It is funny how you start liking the contestants during the course of the show. To be honest it is not only the contestants I start to like, there is a very attractive judge as well… But it is not only for pleasure that I like to watch this show, I noticed that even though it is not at all about plant based food, I actually learned a thing or two about techniques and most of all about presentation! For me personally it is not of the utmost importance how my plate looks when I eat at home, of course it has to be appealing, but it does not have to be fancy. But since I have been sharing most of my food on Facebook (and from now on on this site) I have to take pictures of my food and than all of a sudden appearance is a very big deal!

So what do we have here? This is a salad of black quinoa, some rocket lettuce, fresh tarragon leaves and dandelion salad, chunks of avocado, and parts of red grapefruit flesh. Al of this is seasoned with a dressing of fresh lime juice mixed with sumak powder, one crumbled dried chili pepper and black pepper. To top it of sprinkled some basil olive oil over it. I have to say, I have exceeded myself, not only with the appearance, but especially with the taste explosion that occurred in my mouth. The acidity of the sumak, the bitterness of the grapefruit, the spiciness of the chili pepper and the sweetness of the tarragon leaves made this dish meet the important kitchen rules….!