Heavenly grilled eggplant-figs salad.

When I bought fresh figs and Turkish eggplant, I had no way of knowing that they would turn up together in this heavenly salad! I do not always buy ingredients with a recipe or idea in mind, it is more the other way around most of the times. I see fresh produce which look irresistible at the time, buy them and on my way home start thinking of what to do with them. As was the case with these figs and eggplants. I bought them in my favorite Turkish supermarket in a near town, you have to go there early in the morning to be able to park your car close by, but if you get there too early their fresh products have not arrived yet. So the trick is to get there just in time, usually around 10 am when the fresh produce is “on the shelves”. I found myself a parking spot right in front of the store (!) and there they were, fresh figs looking like they were picked straight of the tree, staring at me. I just could not resist them! The same goes for the Turkish eggplants, they always seem to look better than the Dutch ones, more appealing, tastier, well to me they do….

Anyway, it was a sunny day so when I started thinking on my way home about what to prepare I thought a nice salad would suit the day fine and so it did!

The salad contains not only the fried and than grilled eggplant and figs, it contains also fried red pointed pepper, fried onions, rocket lettuce and a dressing of humus. It was sheer heaven!

My husband commented that I was allowed to write here that he made satisfied noises all the time while eating……

So if you want your partner or guests to do the same, or yourself for that matter, here is the recipe