Seasoned sweet potato from the oven with fresh chanterelles and a lemon-mustard dressing.

I have spent many summers in Sweden, in a house in the forest near to a lake. One of the great things about those summers was that we got to pick our own raspberries, blueberries but also chanterelles. Good firm chanterelles picked fresh taste so much better than the ones you buy in the supermarket!

The other day I bought chantherelles in the supermarket, they came from Poland and they looked great. When I opened the package at home I felt that they were very firm and absolutely full of sand, not cleaned by some machine or washed or whatever they do nowadays to make our lives “easier”. I was dying to taste them and thought of how to prepare them the best way .

This is what I came up with: seasoned sweet potato from the oven with puy lentils, fresh parsley and chanterelles with a lemon-mustard dressing! Boy oh boy it was a terrific combination! It was a real joy to experience that the chanterelles were indeed fresh, firm and tasted great, like they always did when we picked them ourselves. It brought me back to Sweden once again…..

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