Plant based food in restaurants

Yesterday we went to a party. A friend of ours celebrated her birthday in a local cafe-restaurant. It started at 17.30 pm so diner was included. Our host checked with us the day before whether we preferred to have our diner plant based instead of the menu they chose to serve their guests. Of course our answer was yes. They instructed the specially hired cook accordingly (he works in another restaurant). He did a terrific job!

We had five different courses and they were all lovely. The waitress did try to explain to us what we had every time, but did not manage entirely to get it across, partly because of the music and lots of people talking and having a good time! I did manage to make pictures though and when you look closely you can see that we had grilled vegetables with carrots, zucchini, celery, fennel. Second picture is a vegetable salad with a very fresh dressing. Third picture (bottom left) is seaweed with green peas and a bean puree, middle bottom picture is eggplant, edamame beans , carrots, bean sprouts and a puree (I do not remember of what) and desert was a sorbet of red fruits. It was really really tasteful. After dinner I stepped into the kitchen to pay my compliments to the chef for his resourcefulness, after all it was a bit of a challenge to make up a plant based meal especially for us on such a short notice. On the other hand, that is what being a chef is all about!

I told him about this site and my plant based journey. He seemed to be very interested. I was delighted about this positive attitude. Apart from it being a wonderful party it also encouraged my enthusiasm to let as many people as possible experience the greatness of plant based food.