Tel Aviv, the vegan place to be!

It has been a while since my last post and No I did not start blogging about city trips! Its just that I have spent the last 10 days in Israel. Not my first time and definitely not the last one either. I have not only visited Tel Aviv, I have actually traveled from the north to the south, but I stayed in Tel Aviv, so most of my dinners where in that area. This time I did no cooking what so ever, apart from breakfast, all my lunches and dinners where outdoors, most of them in restaurants.

I have written about Israel before, how large the vegan world is in that country, especially in comparison to the Netherlands. This time I have been paying close attention to how big their plantbased world actually is. I can tell you it is huge, there was not a single restaurant where they did not have one or more vegan options. In every restaurant, cafe, bar, breakfast room, hotel there is something to eat for vegan lovers (as well as vegetarians of course). From vegan shoarma and burgers to fine dining! I took the opportunity to take as many pictures as possible, from menu’s to window signs and of course the food it self. I would like to share them with you here.

Everything written in green is Vegan (and/or vegetarian)


Vegan Take away Shoarma ⬆︎

Just a small choice of the many different tasty things I had this trip!

And then last but not least, a vegan sandwich at the airport!

I think you get the picture, apart from Israel being a beautiful country with many interesting historic places to visit and lovely beaches to enjoy it is also by far the best place for vegans!