Harira, spicy soup from Northern Africa.

Now a month later, the weather has changed dramatically. No sign of Indian summer, rain shower after rain-shower and on top of that this weekend a storm is heading it’s way to our small country! There is only way to deal with weekends like that and that is by eating a good warming soup. So…

Pumpkin-Rosemary soup

I am excited because I LOVE PUMPKIN.
This love resulted in a new delicious recipe I conjured up. Pumpkin-Rosemary-Sage soup. A soft, delicate warming soup with a hint of fresh orange, a bit of summer and autumn in one. I guess you could call it a transition soup.

Traditional Dutch green pea soup, the vegan way!

Today I prepared Vegan Green pea soup, which is called Snert in Dutch. A soup that is served along the iceskating tracks to warm up (when winters are like they should be..), that is served as lunch or even for dinner with a loaf of onion bread for instance.