Sweet potato soup, creamy and full of flavour!

I’ve spent the whole morning in the kitchen, preparing all sorts of things and trying out a few recipes which I found on the internet. One of them being a brownie recipe, which had five stars according to Google and the owner claims it to be the best vegan brownie. With ratings like that I thought it worth a try… Sadly it was not gooey and the best brownie ever as it promised me to be. It was rather dry and it had a funny sour taste. When I saw the list of ingredients I did have my reservations about the amount of sugar that was used and the use of brown sugar seemed strange to me for a brownie, but thought she probaly new best…Afterwards I felt stupid for going against my instinct and not trusting my own abilities to create a good brownie. But than again, nothing ventured nothing gained!

So on to the next recipe, that of Sweet Potato soup. I have prepared sweet potato soup before, making use of lime and coconut milk. A traditional recipe which was well received (especially with the boys). This time however I wanted to give it an extra touch to make it more special and more me.

So instead of lime I used lemongrass, next to normal garlic also two cloves of black garlic. One of my favourite ingredients, which brings a special flavour to every dish.

sweet potato, green chili, ginger, lemongrass, garlic and black garlic

Instead of coconut milk I used coconut cream, just enough to get that rich creamy touch without the coconut flavour being to overpowering.

A dollop of good thick coconut cream

And then after the boiling and blendering a final touch of chopped up spring onions.

I am not going to tell you that this is the best sweet potato soup ever, but oh my, it sure is pretty close to being perfect😉.

Try for yourself and let me know what you think. Click here for recipe.