Harira, spicy soup from Northern Africa.

A soup filled with warm spices and healthy veggies

One month ago I had lunch at a beach restaurant with my son. Despite the warm sunny weather I chose a spicy soup from Northern Africa. I could not recall ever having eaten this soup so I was curious. I was overwhelmed by the delicious taste, so flavoursome and a ballsy heat. I was hooked. The only thing that was not to my liking were the enormous chunks of vegetables. All together a perfect reason for me to head home and prepare my own version of this yummy stuff.

And so I did! With great result I might add. It was so good that the enormous large pan which I thought (and hoped) would last the whole weekend was gone within an hour!!

Half way down the pan…

That next weekend I had a cooking demo at a local supermarket. They wanted to promote and inform their customers about plantbased food., so they asked me. I felt honoured and prepared several things (cake/tabouleh/chickpea-omelet and soup, this delicious Harira (or some say Hariri) soup! And again the large pan was empty.

Now a month later, the weather has changed dramatically. No sign of Indian summer, rain shower after rain-shower and on top of that this weekend a storm is heading it’s way to our small country! There is only way to deal with weekends like that and that is by eating a good warming soup. So head to the store, buy everything you need (if you do not already have them in stock) before the rain and storm catches you. Prepare the soup, light a fire maybe and snuggle up in front of it, warm, dry and cosy!

Have a warm and great weekend☺️🔥

for recipe click link: https://wp.me/PapHLi-6Y