It’s official!

Hi guys, I am too excited nót to share this next step with you! I had already announced my new partnership with Isropa on Instagram a few weeks ago and today another important step has been taken. Because my new business cards have arrived and they look great🤩 But not only do they look good, it fééls incredibly good as well. The way that this partnership with Isropa came about was absolutely magical and now that I actually have these beauties in my hand it’s finally starting to sink in: Everyday Plantpower and Isropa are partners. How cool is that!

We have been working intensively to finalise the arrangements for our culinary plantbased trips to Tel Aviv and we are very pleased with the result. We have put together a special and unique program full of delicious plantbased cooking, culinary dining, sightseeing, beaches, sun and lots of fun. Beginning next week all details will be available on both our websites. So stay tuned!

New business cards