A bowl filled with happiness!

quinoa pumpkin salad with black tahini sauce

Our eldest son is gifted with an extraordinary creative talent. Drawing, sculpting, painting, acting, dancing, performing, you name it, he can do it. He is what one would call: multi-talented. But in that long overwhelming list of abilities one thing is lacking. A rather important one too if you ask me, because our son can not cook! To prove to you that I am not exaggerating, I will let you in on a little family secret: he once heated some soup in a plastic container on the gas-stove, but had no clue that he needed to put the soup in a pan first… Obviously the plastic melted, the house started to smell in a funny way and luckily his father, just in time, took action. Of course his “loving” brothers remind him of this “accident” whenever they can 😁.

So it really is fair to say that he cannot cook. Which in itself not necessarily has to be a problem, but since he lives on his own an hour away from our home, it has proven to be somewhat of an issue during the past two years.

But, like everything else in life, things are changing. Recently he sent us a picture with a beaming face behind a plate with a home-cooked healthy meal! ‘Progress’ was the word that he wrote underneath!

When he stayed with us for a few days the other week he asked me to help him to become a more confident cook! Needless to say that I was more than willing to help. He chose something with pumpkin, his absolute favorite.

So I am very happy and proud to share this dish with you, that he and I prepared together. Roasted pumpkin, quinoa, fresh spinach, crispy chickpeas and a fresh sauce of soy yogurt combined with black tahini. He did a great job and it was absolutely delicious!

For recipe click here: https://everydayplantpower.com/main-course/#Roastedpumkinquinoasalad