Puy lentils with sticky dates

Recently I prepared Portobello mushrooms stuffed with a sticky dates mixture. I enjoyed that so much that I wanted to try and mix the sticky dates with something else. I figured Puy lentils would make a good combination and it did! Sticky dates of course is very sweet and the lentils kind of absorb that sweetness so it turns out just right. This way you get the feeling that you are actually eating dinner instead of desert. I served it with quinoa and topped it of with a few sprigs of chive.

Preparation is simple and takes no more than 30 minutes: cook the quinoa the usual way. Cook the Puy lentils the usual way (which is 15 minutes in unsalted water with two bayleaves). Slice two medium red onions, a red chili pepper (optional) and 6 good pitted dates (Medjool dates are the best), chop fine two gloves of garlic (I used black garlic). Fry everything together in coconut oil until the onions turn a bit brown. Reduce the heat, add a pinch of coarse sea salt, a splash of balsamic vinegar (or a really good one to your own liking, like sherry vinegar) and maple syrup (a spoon should do it). Let it simmer and get sticky.

In the end add the cooked lentils and some black pepper, stir well so the lentils absorb the sweetness. Serve with quinoa, rice, bulgur whatever you prefer!