Oven roasted Chestnuts and Brussels sprouts, a real holiday treat!

November is well on its way and for many people around the globe that means the holiday season will soon begin. The holidays being of course Christmas, but preceded by Thanksgiving in the US and for instance Sinterklaas (5th of December) in the Netherlands, which these days is not just a day for presents but increasingly more about spending the evening with loved ones and having a good time. And one of the things that lots people associate with having a good time together, is sharing a festive meal.

November is also a period where we start eating food that keeps us “warm” in these cold months that lie ahead of us (for the Northern Hemisphere that is). I especially like pumpkin in any form, vegetable stews but one of my all time favorites is Brussels’ sprouts. In the Netherlands we have two sizes, the “normal” and the smaller one (in Holland we call them hotel sprouts, don’t ask me why!). I prefer the small ones, I think they have a somewhat sweeter taste. Now I am totally aware of the disgust that many, many people display when you mention Brussels’ sprouts, especially children. I really do not understand why and I certainly do not agree. I think it is just a matter of preparing them the right way, not just cooking them. There is so much you can do with Brussels’ sprouts. Like for instance dry-roasting them in the oven, served with pomegranate seeds and pomegranate molasses and some spicy bulgur on the side. (see picture below)

And how about these fried Brussels’ sprouts with red hot chili peppers and red onions,

But today I’d like to share with you the following recipe:

Oven roasted Brussels’ sprouts and Chestnuts with maple syrup, a real holiday treat!

I served it with spicy sweet potato fries.

P.S Did you know that chestnuts are also great fro soup? Click here for recipe