Kale, figs, sprouted beans and quinoa salad, a superfood combination!

There is a lot of discussion about super foods, both positive and negative. While food research proved that all of the above-mentioned ingredients are bursting with al the necessary nutritional values, others question these outcomes. And of course there are those who say it is a hype and it will blow over. I usually stay away from those discussions, I do not see the point of fiercely trying to convince people of seeing your point of view when it comes to (healthy) food. I believe that anything that is forced upon us will not last, because it does not come from “within”. However, that does not mean that I will not try to explain what is so good about these “superfoods” if someone asks me to. And I think the best way to do that is by showing what you can prepare with these “super ingredients”, letting people experience how good it tastes, if they are willing to try! Primarily I eat this kind of food because I love it and it makes me feel good. The fact that it is healthy is only at  the back of my mind.

So this salad is really a simple one: you make a dressing of fresh lemon juice (one lemon), 1/4 cup olive oil, teaspoon of honey, teaspoon of cumin powder, teaspoon of tahin, teaspoon of champagne vinegar, pepper and some salt. Mix well until you get a smooth substance, add one teaspoon of warm water at the time to make it smoother if you desire.

Cook quinoa the usual way. Place the quinoa in a salad dish, add the shredded raw kale. Sprinkle the sprouted beans (I used a mix of organic chickpea beans, red beans and mung beans, you can find them in the supermarket). Poured the dressing over it and topped it of with a few fresh figs (cut in quarters).

Try it and I am sure you’ll like it!