Rhubarb-lentil curry!

My mother loved rhubarb, she would cook it with lots of sugar and cinnamon and she served it as desert. Out of seven children I remember being the only one, together with my mother who loved eating it!

In many cases history tends to repeat itself and indeed it did in this case. Now it is me who is the mother with four instead of seven children (minor detail..) and again only one them children likes rhubarb. So every time I see rhubarb in the store I want to buy it sóóó much, but I am hesitant because you always have to buy a whole bunch and that is just too much for two. I always end up throwing half of it in the bin, which is against my principle. So no rhubarb…

However I was watching one of those My Kitchen Rules shows (I actually learned a thing or two by watching these programs, despite the fact that they are not vegan at all! ) and they were preparing a savoury dish with rhubarb. It rekindled my love for rhubarb. The next day rhubarb was on offer in the store. That is not a coincidence, that is what I call a sign!!

Upon my return from the store I started right away with preparing this dish, before anyone would see the colorful stems and start complaining about them. I decide to prepare a curry of Beluga lentils and rhubarb.

It turned out to be a success, a great combination of flavors, all well balanced! I served it with plain rice, it needed nothing more than that!

Want to try it yourself?  Click here for recipe

Please feel free to share you’re experience with me!

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